Japanese traditional culture “kimono”. Himeji is a city that suit with kimono. We are sensitive on trends of the world and produce a lovely looks for you. Also, there is no limit to the combination of obi and kimono, it depends on your purpose, so it can be finished in a cute, mature, or traditional style. For the, wearing groups such as 5 people, we will choose different style for you that you will not wear the same kimono. Why don’t you wear a kimono and enjoy your special day?



Would you like to wear a costume like a character in a historical drama? We also rent armor and helmets that look like a samurai in historical drama.
We also rent female warriors and kesa(costumes for monks).
* Some of the katchu(full armor set) are rent by the full armor set plan.



【Kimono rental flow】

Come with your clothes casually.

Choose your favorite kimono.

We will lend you everything from underwears to socks, kimono sets, sandals, and bags.

The dressing fee is free! Hair makeup costs 500 yen.

Please enjoy shopping, dining, theater, tea party, walking around museums and Himeji Castle with wearing kimono.

Please return your kimono by 5 pm.

Please contact us if the return time has passed.

We have prepared all kinds of under wears, socks, sandals, bags, etc., so please come empty-handed.
Reservation required.
Business hours 10: 00 – 18: 00 Open throughout the year


【About Access】
It is located between Himeji Station and Himeji Castle.
The arcade from Himeji Station to the guesthouse allows you to come without getting wet even in the rain.
<19 Nikaimachi, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture>



We provide information of sightseeing spots and attractions not only Himeji Castle. In addition to Himeji Castle, there are many sightseeing spots in Himeji where you can enjoy, so please use it to help you choose a sightseeing spot below this page.



Himeji castle

『Himeji castle』
It is a 10-minute walk from the guesthouse.Himeji Castle has 400 years of history. It is evaluated highly from the world as a castle that is still the original building among Japanese castles. In 1993, it was registered as the world heritage site along with Horyuji for the first time in Japan. The graceful white building is compared to a white heron and it is also called “white heron castle” and creating very beautiful scenery.

Other area access

Area Time required
Kobe 40 minutes by Special Rapid Service
Kurashiki “Okayama” 60 minutes by Shinkansen and local train
Hiroshima 2h 30minutes by Shinkansen
Osaka 60 minutes by Special Rapid Service
Kyoto 90 minutes by Special Rapid Service,60 minutes by Shinkansen
Nara 2h 30minutes by Shinkansen and local train


If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form below.